Order Forms and Other Information:

If you are custom ordering a product or service, please choose the ordering area below that applies to your project. While completing the order, specify the detailed information about any of the respective items that may need additional information. For apparel items, please visit our catalog and select the items you would like us to customize for you. If you would prefer to mail your order or request for a quote, please fill out the form and print it. Be as complete as possible for a more accurate quote.

Questions about an order or order customization? Just contact us here and we will be glad to help you.

Glass Etching ordering and quote area - Personalized etching of glassware items. More Info...

CAD cut Heat Press Transfer ordering and quote area - Custom cut "mirror image" ready for your application. More Info...

Magnetic Signs ordering and quote area - Removable magnetic backed for vehicles or other various applications. More Info...

Apparel Catalog - Choose from a large assortment of apparel and get images added to it. More Info...

Safety Apparel ordering and quote area - Choose from safety apparel and get images applied to your choice. More Info...

Beer Mugs ordering and quote area - Personalized etching of glassware items. More Info...

All items are in US dollars subject to change without notice and are measured in Standard American Sizes. Increments are in inches or fractions there of.

To custom order a product, please go to the order forms page, select to form that best fits your project. Give as much detail as possible and we will contact you. Once we do and agree on the price, you can complete your order by paying via paypal with the information we provide. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information before placing your order.

Please note that the process for ordering is as follows:
1. Go to the order forms page. Fill out the appropriate form, giving as much detail as you can. We will try to contact you within 48 hrs with a quote.
2. Pay for the order after agreeing upon the price. (via PayPal)
3. Order fulfillment in the time frame discussed.

Consultation is free unless development of the project requires materials be cut or altered for the estimate. If this is the case with your project, you will be advised when to submit a nonrefundable development fee of $25.00 US. This will, however, be applied towards the balance of your order should you go forward with the project. You will be sent design ideas for preapproval. We accept Visa, Mastercard or your bank draft with PayPal. Don't worry if you do not have a PayPal account. You may make a credit card payment without becoming a member, just as you would at any other store. We also accept postal money orders and personal checks (with a 10 business day wait on approval, before shipping). There is a 25% return fee on all items. Returns do not include any shipping charges incurred.

Cancellation - To cancel a payment via PayPal to us, the Status of the payment must be "Unclaimed", meaning we have not yet collected funds. If we have, you will need to contact us requesting a refund.
If work has begun
on your project, meaning materials have already been cut, you will not receive a full refund, but a prorated amount determined by us.

Here's How to cancel a payment:
Go to PayPal.com and login to your account.
Click on the My Account tab.
Click on the History subtab.
Click on the Cancel button in the Action column of the transaction in question.
Click Cancel Payment.
You have successfully cancelled this payment.

Contact us if you have any questions or difficulties. If we have already cut materials on your project, your return may be prorated.

Disclaimer - For apparel we will not apply heat transfer material to any nylon! We also will not apply heat material to 6 panel hats. With a large degree of difficulty, we can not guarantee the outcome or quality of the finished product.

  We can create magnetic vehicle signs of any design, cad cut heat transfer of any design, glass etching of any design, screen print most any design up to 6 colors, embroider designs up to 12 colors, safety apparel and caps. We also featuring customized glass etching.
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