Our Services Include:

Apparel, Safety Apparel, 6 color screen printing, 12 needle embroidery machine, Beer Mugs, Glass Etching, Heat Press Transfer, Magnetic Signs and Slumped Glass. Personalize almost any of these products with etching or heat press transfer. Read below for more information.

Please note that the process for ordering is as follows:
1. Go to the order forms page. Fill out the appropriate form, giving as much detail as you can. We will try to contact you within 48 hrs with a quote.
2. Pay for the order after agreeing upon the price. (via PayPal)
3. Order fulfillment in the time frame discussed.

Apparel - We also carry a variety of apparel including T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats of different sizes and styles. On apparel there are additional costs for added options. Please see the product details when ordering. These options include a pocket logo for $5.00, full front or back logo for $8.00 to $10.00. For two inch names add $4.00 and six inch numbers add $4.00. These are average costs for adding a name and number on the back of a shirt/sweatshirt.

Safety Apparel - We carry both T-shirts and sweatshirts in safety orange. They come with 3 stripes of fluorescent yellow on both the front and back. You can also personalized the shirts or sweatshirts with a company pocket logo (name only, no graphics) or can purchase them as is. We use only high quality brand names and the shirts are 50% polyester, unless you specify 100% cotton. We carry adult sizes from small through XX large. By special request we can also get youth sizes. Pocket logos come in a variety of colors, please specify when ordering.. We offer a 50/50 T-shirt with a Pocket Logo and a crewneck sweatshirt with the pocket logo.

6 color screen printing - This gives us the ability to print up to six colors and is suitable for printing on all kinds textile products like t-shirts, fabrics (including socks), umbrellas and most other materials. Bring your custom graphics or let us design a shirt or other projects with your theme or company.

12 needle embroidery machine - As the name indicates, this machine can do up to 12 colors. We can embroider shirts, hats and other materials in your custom designs or let us design the image for you.

Mugs - We carry several sizes of beer mugs. The sizes available are 25 oz, 16 oz and our 12 oz mugs come with golf balls, baseballs or racing flags on the bottom. They can be used for special occasions such as Father's Day gifts, graduation gifts, bachelor party gifts or awards. They can also be personalized with just a name for any occasion.

Slumped Glass - Slumped glass, for our services, is a rectangular piece of glass that is heated and curved or arched so as to stand on it's own. There are several sizes and two types to choose from. They include three sizes with a picture frame and two sizes that are plain glass. The three sizes of slumped glass picture frames come in five styles. They include 8" X 10" vertical, 5" X 7" vertical, 5" X 7" horizontal, 3" X 5" vertical and 3" X 5" horizontal. The clear slumped glass comes in two sizes, 7" X 7" and 7" X 9" and works great as awards. Please visit the web store for specific product information.

Glass Etching - We specialize in customized glass etching on our slumped glass and beer mugs.

The uses for each are unlimited. Some examples are for: weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birth announcements and awards for teams, shows, racing, big game catches, completion's of projects (i.e. experimental aircraft, invention, etc.) or any idea you may conceive.

The slumped glass is available with 3 sizes of picture frames. The overall dimension of the 8" X 10" is... which accepts a 8" X 10" vertical picture. The overall dimension of the 5" X 7" is...

We offer other personalized glassware. These can be used for decoration or special occasions ranging from weddings, anniversaries, graduations, awards or holidays. We have a variety of sizes and fonts available. Contact us for all your custom etching needs. We will gladly work with you to expertly design your custom piece.

Heat Press Transfer - We carry Stahls© heat transfer products in thermo-film and thermo-grip for custom designs. These come in a variety of colors cut in a 'mirror image' to apply on garments with a heat press or ship to you ready to transfer on your garment. We can also custom cut names and logos. Lettering and numbers come in a variety of colors and sizes (up to 10 inches in height available in Pro-Block and Varsity fonts). We also have lettering and numbers available in Script fonts.

Magnetic Signs - These are most commonly used for removable vehicle signs. We can design or take your existing designs to make high quality attractive magnetic signs in a variety of sizes utilizing vinyl characters. Standard size is 22" X 24". Maximum width is 24" and maximum length is 36". Minimum size is 12" X 12". Anything in between is possible. Please specify your size after your purchase. See the order form for more details.

  We can create magnetic vehicle signs of any design, cad cut heat transfer of any design, glass etching of any design, screen print most any design up to 6 colors, embroider designs up to 12 colors, safety apparel and caps. We also featuring customized glass etching.
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